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A lot of fans ask me what life on the road is like for a professional fisherman. Well, there are definitely some unique aspects to this lifestyle, but I’ve come to realize that some things I’ve learned about staying at and fishing waters all across the country can also apply to any angler, whether he travels once a year or once a month.

Here are some of the most important lessons I’ve learned about traveling to and staying at different locations.

The first thing I do when I arrive at a new tournament town is to purchase a local fishing license. Sometimes we need multiple licenses, depending on the waters we're fishing, but I'll get all that squared away first because if I can't legally fish, there's not much point in making the trip.

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Breaking down new waters

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I'm fortunate to have some of the best fans in the fishing industry and I'm always interested in knowing what they'd like to learn about the sport. I recently conducted a Facebook poll and from all the many great questions I received, the one that I want to address first is this: How do you break down a new body of water?

As an Elite Series angler, probably the biggest challenge I face is finding where to start when I compete on a new lake or river. I'll be honest, this can be overwhelming if you try to do too much too soon. That's why I've established a straightforward plan for approaching those waters where I don't have any experience.

First off, I'm not a map guy. It's not that I don't value this type of research – I know many good fishermen find it very helpful, but this just doesn't fit my style of learning. I like the digital approach, specifically Google Earth. Looking at these satellite views enables me to locate the key features like docks and vegetation, while also gaining a clear understanding of the layout. I want to know where the major creeks are, where the spawning bays are positioned, where the long points stick out, etc.

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Jason Christie "Ride This Train" T-Shirts now available

Jason Christie Signature Series


Press Release from Dream Catcher Sports

The Jason Christie Signature Series offers the pinnacle of style and comfort.  Take on the outdoors in maximum comfort.  Our lightweight moisture management, Competitor Tee has a roomy, athletic cut and controls sweat like a champ.  Improved with moisture management technology, it also locks in color for premium quality.

"We are proud to partner with fishing legend Jason Christie for a signature series line of apparel" said Kenyatta Wright.  "He's a legend on the lakes and in the outdoors, a former collegiate athlete, coach and school teacher.  Many fishing and outdoors fans are drawn to Jason."

Jason is currently BassFan.com's number 1 ranked angler.

Apparel can be purchased at www.dreamcatchersports.com  DreamCatcherSports

2014: Focus, charms and winning

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As I start off a new year with a new column, I have a great feeling of excitement and anticipation for what 2014 might bring. As a professional fisherman, one thing you learn really quickly is that there are very few guarantees. I think that’s very applicable for me, as a fisherman and as a person.

I have several special memories from the 2013 tournament season, but I’m handling some of them differently than others. For starters, I’m really thankful that I’m coming off the biggest year of my career. I won the Bassmaster Elite Series tournament on Bull Shoals Lake, along with two other national level events on Beaver Lake and Grand Lake.

I believe momentum has a lot to do with a fisherman’s performance, but I’m looking at 2014 for exactly what it is — a new set of tournaments. I’m not making any assumptions and I’m committed to fishing every one like it’s my first. Do I want to win again? You bet I do, but nothing that happened last year will make a fish bite this year.

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Falcon Title Sponsor for Christie

Jason Christie FalconBROKEN ARROW, OK  – Falcon Rods has signed on as Title Sponsor for Oklahoma native Jason Christie, perhaps the fastest rising competitor on the national bass tournament scene.

With a busy 2014 schedule of national tournaments, Christie will compete from the Falcon Rods bass boat. The Falcon Rods brand logo will have premium visibility at all of Christie’s tournament weigh-ins and public appearances, on his websites and on his vehicle and vessel wraps. Christie will continue to work closely with Falcon on its Jason Christie Signature Rod Series.

“We are all-in with Jason,” said Falcon Founder John Beckwith. “We have known and supported Jason from the beginning of his career. He is a winner, which he has proved over and over with his numerous victories and top ten finishes. Jason is on a roll and Falcon Rods is excited about the rewards this new partnership will bring.”

“Falcon Rods is a great fit for me,” said Christie, of Park Hill, Oklahoma. “I’ve been fishing with Falcon since my first year as a pro. That’s thousands and thousands of casts. And I have never broken a Falcon. Never. I fish Falcon and that’s that.”

Since 2011 Christie has won seven events including four majors—one Bassmaster Elite tournament and three Walmart-FLW tour events.  Christie qualified for the Bassmaster Elite Series and in 15 Bassmaster events he placed first in three and in the top ten in four more.

In 2012 Christie won two Bassmaster Opens, which put him into the field for the 2013 Bassmaster Classic on Oklahoma’s Grand Lake where he finished seventh. Five times Christie qualified for the Forest Wood Cup.

Recently Falcon Rods added the new made-in-America Jason Christie Signature Series to its rod line, which also includes Cara T7, Cara Reaction, Cara Micro, Cara Peacock Bass, Cara Mike McClelland, BuCoo, BuCoo Micro, LowRider, LowRider Salt, Coastal XG, HD and Original. There are three spinning reel models in the Falcon product lineup -- Back Country, Volt, and Moxie.

For 2014 Christie said he would be fishing in as many top-tier tournaments as possible including the Bassmaster Elite Series, the Walmart-FLW Tour, and the Toyota Texas Bass Classic on Lake Fork. “I have a really full schedule,” Christie said.

“That’s the way I like to work. I fish a lot of events and I am looking forward to showing and telling other anglers how much I trust the rods made by Falcon. The quality is excellent.”

   Falcon Boat Wrap

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