Christie Crushes 20-Plus Again, Widens Lead To 9

Friday, March 25, 2011

Photo: FLW Outdoors
Jason Christie caught a lot of his weight late and says he 'pulled one out of a hat' today.

They say that to win at the tour level, it has to be your time. And it could be Jason Christie's time. The third-year Oklahoma pro lost a 5-pounder yesterday just as it went in the net. And the same thing happened today.

He's been close enough several times over the past two seasons to smell a victory, but with the thoughts of those two 5-pound rescues in mind, he feels destiny might finally pay a visit to his boat.

He caught 20-04 today – day 2 of the Hartwell FLW Tour Major in South Carolina. It was his second 20-plus-pound sack and his combined 42-08 weight affords him a massive 9-pound lead with 2 days left to fish.

The term "massive" is appropriate because from 2nd-place through the rest of the standings, weights are separated by ounces, not pounds. Nobody's come close to weighing 20-plus pounds both days, and 2nd-place Tom Monsoor is averaging a little more than 16 1/2 pounds a day.

Monsoor weighed 18 1/2 pounds yesterday and 15 today.

There's been significant flip-flops – perhaps the result of the change from harsh winds to clear, cold and still conditions today. One example is Mike Reynolds, who caught 22 pounds on a swimbait yesterday and a mere 10 pounds today on a shakey-head. The light day dropped Reynolds five spots to 7th.

Todd Auten, on the other hand, has been consistent with weights of 17-03 and 15-11, which moved him up from 11th to 3rd.

Red-hot Bryan Thrift dumped two 4-pounders yesterday, but kept his fish buttoned today and came to shore with 19-10 – the day's second-best bag. He rocketed up from 42nd to 4th.

And Stacey King, who's sharing some water with Auten, caught 18-10. That's 5 pounds more than King caught yesterday, and it boosted him from 32nd to 5th.

There's a healthy mix of sight-fishing, spawn-fishing and even some pre-spawn fishing. Monsoor notably is fishing mid-depths for pre-spawners.

The sight-fishing could take a major nosedive tomorrow though. Not only are the fish thinning out, but rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast.

The field is now cut to the Top 20 for day 3, and will cut to the Top 10 for day 4. Here's a look at that Top 20, with total weight followed by distance from leader in red.

1. Jason Christie -- Park Hill, OK -- 5, 22-04 -- 5, 20-04 -- 10, 42-08
2. Tom Monsoor -- La Crosse, WI -- 5, 18-09 -- 5, 14-14 -- 10, 33-07 (9-01)
3. Todd Auten -- Lake Wylie, SC -- 5, 17-03 -- 5, 15-11 -- 10, 32-14 (9-10)
4. Bryan Thrift -- Shelby, NC -- 5, 12-14 -- 5, 19-10 -- 10, 32-08 (10-00)
5. Stacey King -- Reeds Spring, MO -- 5, 13-13 -- 5, 18-10 -- 10, 32-07 (10-01)
6. Dan Morehead -- Paducah, KY -- 5, 17-08 -- 5, 14-11 -- 10, 32-03 (10-05)
7. Mike Reynolds -- Modesto, CA -- 5, 21-15 -- 5, 10-02 -- 10, 32-01 (10-07)
8. Brent Ehrler -- Redlands, CA -- 5, 15-13 -- 5, 15-15 -- 10, 31-12 (10-12)
9. Stetson Blaylock -- Benton, AR -- 5, 12-07 -- 5, 18-10 -- 10, 31-01 (11-07)
10. Joe Thomas -- Milford, OH -- 5, 19-10 -- 5, 11-04 -- 10, 30-14 (11-10)
11. Ishama Monroe -- Hughson, CA -- 5, 16-10 -- 5, 13-15 -- 10, 30-09 (11-15)
12. Ramie Colson, Jr. -- Cadiz, KY -- 5, 13-02 -- 5, 17-06 -- 10, 30-08 (12-00)
13. Larry Nixon -- Bee Branch, AR -- 5, 18-02 -- 5, 12-04 -- 10, 30-06 (12-02)
14. Wesley Strader -- Spring City, TN -- 5, 16-11 -- 5, 13-11 -- 10, 30-06 (12-02)
15. Justin Lucas -- Guntersville, AL -- 5, 18-02 -- 5, 12-03 -- 10, 30-05 (12-03)
16. Dave Lefebre -- Union City, PA -- 5, 12-10 -- 5, 17-04 -- 10, 29-14 (12-10)
17. Andy Morgan -- Dayton, TN -- 5, 15-11 -- 5, 14-01 -- 10, 29-12 (12-12)
18. Jimmy Houston -- Cookson, OK -- 5, 19-03 -- 5, 10-04 -- 10, 29-07 (13-01)
19. JT Kenney -- Palm Bay, FL -- 5, 14-08 -- 5, 14-09 -- 10, 29-01 (13-07)
20. Troy Morrow -- Toccoa, GA -- 5, 11-11 -- 5, 17-04 -- 10, 28-15 (13-09)

Christie's lead is obviously massive, but the rain tomorrow might allow the reaction-bait patterns to shine like they did on day 1.

It's easily conceivable that Christie could catch 10 tomorrow and others 20, and just as conceivable that someone could chip away at him with strong bags the next 2 days.

At this point, though, it's Christie's to lose. He's in perfect position to all but seal his first tour-level victory tomorrow.

Christie Improved Late

> Day 2: 5, 20-04 (10, 42-08)

Five times now Christie has penetrated the Top 10. That's significant for a third-year pro. And he's opened with game-changing bags before, but this time he followed it up.

He said everything feels different this time around.

"I told my roommate, even before practice started, that I just felt good about this tournament. Yesterday I had a big fish come off at the net – my co-angler caught it. You'd think with something like that it could be destiny, but it happened again today. I've been fortunate to have some good net men. I think with that kind of fortune, maybe things could be good.

"I had a chance at two other big fish today that I didn't get," he added. "Hopefully they'll be there tomorrow. I know where I'll start, and I'll work on it from there."

He caught a few sight-fish yesterday and today, but noted he hasn't seen any new fish move up. So he's "kind of running out." But with only 20 other competitors out tomorrow, he plans to run around more and see if anything's been overlooked.

About his day, he noted: "At noon I was struggling – I had a 5, a 3 and three dinks. I went to kind of a backup spot and caught some fish, then later it started taking off. I caught a 5-something, a 4 and a 2 1/2. I pretty much pulled one out of the hat."

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Christie Tops Trio Of 20s, Reynolds 2nd, Houston 5th

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photo: FLW Outdoors
Jason Christie laid off this afternoon and spent about 3 hours just running and looking.

Day 1 of the Hartwell FLW Tour Major in South Carolina certainly didn't answer many questions. In fact, the pattern development's probably more difficult to read now than it was yesterday, when the field rested after the official practice.

Here's why: The bed-fish were hit hard today, where there was visibility. Strong winds from the west rolled across the lake, which blew out a lot of areas and made boat position difficult. The wind's predicted to lay down tomorrow and shift to the east. Along with high, bright skies, it could be the best day of bed-fishing. So the sight game's still heavily in play.

But the wind helped the moving-bait bite today. Anytime Jimmy Houston's in the Top 5, you can bet the spinnerbait's happening. But without wind tomorrow, the moving-bait bite could collapse.

Georgia Spots Or Slots?
Hawk's 14-12 Leads A Light Day 1, Christie Trails

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Georgia's Lake Lanier doesn't have a slot limit – there's a 14-inch minimum. But day 1 at the Forrest Wood Cup was a lot like playing a slot machine: Run as many brushpiles as you can, drop your quarter in the water, and maybe you'll get lucky.

It's not quite that simple – a few pros figured out something a little different, like Cody Meyer, who's catching suspended fish, or Ott DeFoe, who's running an aluminum tunnel-hull way up the river. But overall that's the gameplan. Some struck it rich, others emptied their pockets.

The day-1 leader is 31-year-old California pro Kevin Hawk, who taloned 14-12 after he suffered an 8-ounce fish-care penalty. He's working a deep milk-run as fast as he can, but fishing each spot slowly. His theory is to run tons of spots each day in search of better quality.

A Bass Pro Leaks The "Big Secret"


By Lawrence Taylor

Do bass pros have a secret they keep to themselves? Is it a lure? It’s got to be a hidden honey hole. Maybe a hush-hush mix of chemicals they spray on their baits or some high-tech electronic doohickey that makes bass go nuts?

Do they bury a dead cat in the graveyard under a full moon?

jason christie

Oklahoman Jason Christie, pictured at right, fishes the FLW and PAA tours among others and has cashed some pretty big checks since he quit coaching high school basketball. He quickly rose through the ranks and continues to be a top contender at any tournament, and now offers guide trips to budding or current bass tournament anglers (and just regular guys who want to improve their fishing). His School of Bass isn’t just a normal “go out and catch bass” deal, though. It’s an educational experience that lets the client in on the “secrets of the pros.”

The focus of his School of Bass is pattern-fishing, and trips are seminars on the water, geared toward teaching tournament anglers or regular bass fishermen the art of identifying, developing, refining and exploiting a bass pattern. The pattern is the secret, and it’s got to be discovered every day you’re on the water.

They're Coming
Christie Intercepts 16 Pounds, Morgan A Pound Back

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photo: FLW Outdoors/Gary Mortenson
Jason Christie sacked 16 pounds in a cove his thinks fish are coming to.

Warm, sunny conditions put the fish on the move today at the Norman FLW Tour in North Carolina, and the bite was on. Rather than a parade of 11- and 12-pound sacks within the Top 10, weights ranged from about 13 pounds all the way up to 16.

And with more of the same weather in store tomorrow, the escalated-weight pace could continue if the first major spawning wave of the year crashes the bank. They're not there yet – they're still milling around with only slight bedding activity. But they're coming.

Leader Jason Christie caught the day's best sack at 16 pounds even. It included two brutes – 5 1/2 and 6 pounds. He took a popular approach – he worked a cove he felt fish were coming into, and covered as much was as he could.

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