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4th: Christie Thinking He Needs 30

> Day 2: 5, 20-11 (10, 42-14)

A second straight 20-pound stringer has Christie within striking distance of Evers and Tharp, but he's thinking he'll need to have a more substantial weight on Sunday to overtake either or both of them.

"All you can ask for in a fishing tournament is on the last day having a chance to win," he said. "We've seen a 32-pound bag weighed in so whoever is blessed tomorrow and catches that big bag is going to have a chance to win. It could be Randall. It could be me. I hope it's me.

"I saw a 30-pound bag in practice one day. The thing about here is you have to catch one of those 8- or 9-pounder to get to 30 pounds and I haven't caught one of those yet in the tournament. Everything I've caught has been the same size. Hopefully, tomorrow is the day I get two of those bites."

He wound up vacating the area where he fished on day 1 after it didn't produce much in the way of bites or quality.

"I ran 5 miles each way and actually culled at both places," he said. "I just wish I knew the lake better so I could run the lake because you can't tell what it is from the bank because everything is so flat. I know what I'm looking for. It's just hard to tell. You almost have to pull up and fish it and that takes so much time.

"The thing that's helped me is the dirty water. I think the wind knocked a lot of guys off that grass bite on the main river. I do have one place on the main river where I haven't caught a fish yet and it's starting to clear up so I'm hoping I can fish that tomorrow."

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