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Basszone-Jason Christie4th Place: Jason Christie (22-3, 20-11: 42-14)
Christie on how he feels going into the final day on Guntersville compared to how he felt going into the final day of the 2013 Grand Lake Classic where he was in 5th Place after Day Two: "Things are going good for me right now because I'm only 5-pounds back right now and I've been really fortunate to catch what I've caught.  I had an OK practice and I've put everything in the boat.

"Last year on Grand, I was really mad after the second day of the tournament was over because I started to fish past history and I knew that I wasted a lot of time.  Here on Guntersville, I may be wasting my time fishing some places that don't have any fish, but I don't know that because it isn't my home lake.  I'm just going out there fishing, and all you can ask for is to have a chance."

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